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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zombies and mayhem.

I had a busy day and am a bit brain fried, and am not ashamed to admit I feel a bit like a zombie, please just don't shotty me to the head. I'm not hungering away for brains or anything... really... So before I get carried away this next poem I wrote not too long ago is aptly titled "Zombies in the Nation" Because you know, who doesn't like a good zombie poem?


Screams as they claw for warm flesh,
slavering to satisfy their simple greeds
the mindless society craves something fresh,
regardless and blind to all of it's needs.


Thinking about them and craving we had,
hungering for the life of the clan,
they'll block out the truth and all of the bad,
yet as they feast they answer the man.


Cries for the freedom and life as it seems
empty and hollow and greedy hearts blacked,
Zombies in the Nation perverting our dreams,
forgot all our standards and forgot how to act.


Better get out or grow some fast,
when cannibals prosper
mankind won't last.

Zombies in the nation overtook society,
grab your ammunition and forget propriety.

Things have gotten outta hand,
here zombies feast and have run of our land.

Feast on the dollar of your hard working brother,
either him or the hard worked dollar of another.


Screams as they claw for warm flesh,
ripping from all what they can't from the rest,
take a step back and try to refresh,
lose the taste of meat and go back to the breast.

Refill the liquid to the cup,
and start waking the fuck up.
-written 3/24/09-

Your thoughts?


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