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I am nothing. I am a single grain of sand amongst billions. I am a single voice within a crowd. I am human, I am god, I am here, and this is what I have to say:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Angels and Demons

Maddison was only fifteen when she lost her virginity to Tommy Porter. Tommy Porter swore his innocence even up until they found him in his cell with seven inches of plastic jutting from his neck. Maddison carried the guilt of his deed with her for the rest of her life. She carried his child too.

She even tried to love the boy, but as he grew older he looked more and more like Tommy and the monster she remembered in her nightmares. Eventually she grew detached and started shooting smack to keep her mind away.

The boy grew up and enlisted in the army where he received a congressional Medal of Honor. He never told his mother.

I used to be detached. I would sit in my room thinking that it should have been me to slide that shiv beneath Tommy Porter's chin. I felt robbed and disgusted at the atrocities mankind was capable of committing against one another. I thought I empathized with Maddison, but in truth, I felt nothing. Only hatred.

It's amazing what sociopaths do to fake it in this world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Purging Poison

Handed poison I took it in,
I drank the poison deep within,
Let it sink and let it fester,
lost my sight for love much faster,
forgotten, food, that I was after.

I Shed my blood for poison's sake,
convinced that I was drowning in its crimson, poisoned wake.
Lost myself and felt alone,
refused the signs that were my own...

Failed to weep and failed to sleep,
Failed a promise I had yet to keep...
I cursed my poison and sealed it in,
Blinded eyes to my death within,

Let the poison fill me down.
Until my saving blood could then be found,
with humble tears and humilities,
only option to sink to my knees,
and lift my head.

Say a prayer for poison and all that's dead.

Well the poison's purged,
I have been redeemed,
turns out easier
then it ever seemed,

Well the poison's purged,
my blood's been shied,
my hands are open,
my tears have dried.

Well the poison's purged
and sent on it's way,
the world keeps turning,
into a more beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Guiding Light

"Bed darkness for understanding and in the morning it will be transformed to light..." -AiGe

Apply the following to all walks of life:

Do not jump at shadows, instead watch them for better understanding.

Enjoy all food. Eat whatever you want, but only when you're hungry, and stop when you are full.

Always help where you can.

Get rid of all trash properly.

Seek to make art daily.

Exercise daily.

Reach out to a different person daily so that you might know them better, but first tear down your own wall so that others can reach out to you.

Always be honest, respectful, and kind to the world around us.

Always forgive yourself your vices, but strive to make one small step every day towards overcoming them.

Apologize as needed, but apologize for nothing heedlessly.

Ask questions and observe carefully as answers are presented in mysterious, and various, ways.

Always listen, and decide for yourself what the best course will be.

Accept the things you do not understand and live with them peaceably.

Love your body and treat it well.

Love the things you have and treat them well.

Treat all things well.

Love life.

Love for the simple fact of loving.

Be proud of everything you decide to do.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sea foam crashes against shores beneath violent tinted skies, and lightning breaks the moon dancing violet, jagged lines against the horizon. Spectators marvel at the sight; the world so round and intricate, a giant sphere of life singing and sloshing and twisting and turning. Colors bound to face so gray. Smeared and vibrant. The world hums and buzzes, a breath of fresh air. Rain drops patter gently through canopy leaves as wind sways the strong, and beneath, the thirsty drink behind their smiles.