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Friday, June 5, 2009

New Song

So I felt a little creative and came up with a new song. I plan to be upgrading my recording equipment soon so that I can get these songs online for your listening pleasure, but right now I'll just have to give you the lyrics.

I got a little black book
and it's all that she took,
I got a laundry list of
complaints, let's see.
I got a little secret and
it's so hard to keep it,
I got a laundry list of
things to be.

And it's all understood,
but I don't think you could,
though I always knew you
where going some where
and it's a little secret,
I don't think you could keep it
so tell me how's the view from out there?
so tell me how's the view from out there?

You got my little black book,
and it's all that you took,
but I got your laundry list of
complaints somewhere.
And it's a little secret,
but it's so hard to keep it,
so tell me how you fake it from there
so tell me how you fake it from there.

I'm thinking of titling this "Laundry List" but I haven't decided. Sometimes titles come easily and other times they don't. I'm not so sure what's stemming all the angst to be found in my work lately. Maybe I'm going through a quarter-life-crisis or something. Maybe it's the trying not to smoke thing. Who knows? At least it's something, I can work with angst, and certainly it's better than a dry spell. What are your thoughts?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So I've been pretty bad about updating this week. Okay, I admit, I haven't updated at all. I picked June 1st to finally kick my cigarette habit, it's a poor excuse, but I went from two packs a day to nothing and I've just been absolutely miserable all week. Please bare with me. I'll be healthier and happier shortly and I can promise this Blog will show for it soon.