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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Bubble's Song

A myriad of colors are we,
created upon the hand and lips of Thee,
sifting through the air heedlessly,
unconcerned with hands that grasp,
and prove our fragile, floating frailty.

A cleanly smell we carry
on our shimmering,transparent bodies.
Traveling upon the winds and breath,
that push us to the limit of our depths.

Without a care,
Without a cause,
We travel till the time
we're gone.

With laughter or tears
that fill the void,where round and clear
we finally dropped,
leaving behind our own sticky tears.

And lo the laughing voices mock us,
and in our short existence stop us.
And how the crying faces understand us,
as your painful existence imitates us.

Yet no one bothers to ask us,
as we float around and pop.

-written 10/23/06-

Your thoughts are welcome...


Anonymous said...

I love your word choice and parallel structure.

- An Old Friend ;)

AmberInGlass said...

Thanks, you! It's nice to see you on here, thanks for the support!

Carol said...

What a unique perspective -- made me think; even better, it made me feel your words.

AmberInGlass said...

Thanks Carol, that means alot. This particuliar piece surprised me with it's dual layers of meaning. Writing it was one of those classic moments when the poem just flows and writes itself. It's hard to describe. Sometimes with writing, poetry and lyrics especially, you sit down and really have to think about it to get it to say what you want. Other times, in the case of this one, you sit down and it's almost as if you are just transcribing what nature tells you to transcribe without any thought at all. Both forms have their own unique sense of accomplishment when complete, but the latter is always a bit more mystical it seems.

Leighton Photography & Imaging said...

Kudos!!!! Pure art of words!

AmberInGlass said...

@Leighton Thank you very much.

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