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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is this being?

Sometimes it can be hard to take too much in at once, overwhelming really. Or perhaps the truth is always just too hard to see? And what of the thoughts that can’t be put to words and pictures and feelings and what of, what of--just being? What of that fear of being cut too deep? What of the things that are on the tip of your tongue bursting to be free? The things that you just want to scream so clearly you can taste them floating in your mouth and yet you can’t find the words. What of being so elated your heart could just stop beating? What of putting thoughts to words and words to thoughts. What of letting go of thought and only feeling. What is this world? What is this—just being?


Anonymous said...

This piece really speaks to me, especially today.

I love this line: What of putting thoughts to words and words to thoughts. And: what is this world?

Anonymous said...

oops, itchy finger on the publish button! Sorry about that. ;)

AmberInGlass said...

Haha, no problem. I do it all the time. I'll clean it up for you. :D And thanks, I was in some kind of weird vortex of thought and emotion the other day when I wrote that. Seemed to fit pretty well.