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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello, I'm Andrew's slacker friend/"domainatrix," Svetlana. He wrote a blog post a while ago and asked if I could provide you guys with a "special treat" to accompany it.

This has resulted in said post collecting digital dust in my inbox while waiting to be published. Andrew has been very patient but is understandably worried about disappointing followers due to lack of updates. So, followers, please do not be disappointed in him. Rather, prepare thyselves for impending epic surprises within the week.

P.S. You should also tell him how awesome you think "Svetlana Vladislavovna Doubova" is for my pen name.


Brian, the old man said...

Hello. I am looking forward to the impending epic surprises. As for the name weelllll, It's awesomely looonnnnnng and difficult to pronounce which means people are less likely to learn your name to associate them with your writings, but if you like it I say go for it. Have a great day!

AmberInGlass said...

Haha, Brian, I've been trying to get her to realize the atrocities that are that name, but she refuses to listen to me. I'm glad to have you on my side. Take that, SVD. ;-P


James said...

quite the unique name.