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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I started a book review blog for anyone that's interested you can find it here A Cynic's Reading. Feel free to come by and start a discussion. Or just hurl words at me, whichever floats your fancy.

That's just one of the treats in store this season. The other one is still on its way. I think. ;-P


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the comment tool to work on A Cynic's Reading, so will leave my comment here ...

I like the design and the approach of your new blog. I don't read many book review blogs because I'm soooo far behind on the books I already want to read, I don't want to be enticed with more!

But from what I've seen, your idea of a first impression followed by more in-depth views is a unique and intriguing format.

After reading your review of Narcissus, I have a great sense of your views on the book. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I'm not doing well with the tool here either, since I managed to post twice. Sorry for clogging your comments. ;)

Uninvoked said...

I couldn't get it to work either. I loved the review of Narcissus though, and it's really too bad with such a promising title. Can't wait for another brutal review. ^^

AmberInGlass said...

Cathryn, I seem to recall more than one occasion that I spammed your comment box as well by mistake. Sometimes those things just happen, no worries. I'll remove the extra post. :D

Thanks for checking out the review and thank you for the comment about the format. I thought that it might be nice to make something where people can get the basic idea just from a few sentences. On the book I did first, I ended up going on a rant, so I had to modify that approach a bit, but that is still what I want to aim for.

Thanks, Uninvoked. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. As harsh as the review was the book did keep me interested to see how the story played out, which I hadn't expected it to at all. After the first couple chapters, I thought it was going to end up back on the shelf unfinished, but somehow after a few more it had me, even despite me being pretty annoyed by the things I pointed out.

By the way, the comments are working now over there. Thanks again to both of you!

Rebecca said...

cool. totally cool.

Carol said...

So ... doesn't look like your web mistress is cracking that whip afterall. Where's the new literatry stuff (you know, story blurbs, poetry, etc)on this site?