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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Original Work Update---Poems

I almost missed this one. I didn't though. I made it with, as of this writing, an hour and twenty-three minutes to spare. I'm sorry for cutting it so close, but sometimes life happens. I hope no one finds it as lackluster as an update as I do.

Here's a couple different poems I wrote about different things at different periods of my life. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them so go ahead and leave me your comments.

Ouroboros Ends

Ouroboros at it's end,
devoured tail,
devoured body,
devoured head.
All the flesh that's left is dead.

She screams and she
screams and she
screams why don't you hear,
world, these are my dying cries
and he sighs and he sighs,
curls on himself
bites down, and dies.

Ouroboros at it's end,
all that's left are,
pieces of head.
Mind devoured by the substance
jammed down it's throat.

She cries and she cries,
and her lips spill forth lies.
And he holds out his hand
and she turns eyes blind,
puts blame to the land,
forgets that death
was hers to be had.

Ouroboros at it's end.
It's own body crammed
false values into future generations.
It's stomach filled on pieces of itself.
The degeneration masked by
world class socialization.

Ouroboros at it's end
devoured body,
soul and head.
And everything real
was suddenly dead.
Passed right over
the cultures head.

And one more, to make up for being so late...(please?) :-P

Killing Absolute

Tired lips that try
the words to songs
all wrong.
Trying through the tired
ways to get the thoughts
at all.
Slipping from the single
view that sends the head now

A single moment's
lifetime wasted
nothing gained
and nothing tasted
Just a moment of absolute
that came and never

Fallen to the spiral
painted feathers,
loss of all the
feeling down the spine not
Just an aboslution killed
For everything that

Ah, hell, one more just because.


I think about it all the time,
tragically losing what I thought divine,
but love is a shadow of secrets and crimes,
and everyone will do their time.
Building up,
playing 'round,
acting out,
breaking down.
Missteps for misbegotten,
Hands held and lips met
all now forgotten.
Tragically losing what we hold in our mind,
our lovers and lives pour lies in unison,
our lovers and lies poor lives in comparison.
Building up,
playing 'round,
acting out,
breaking down.
Shadows and secrets and crimes.
Waiting and wasting
and doing our time.


PrettySiren said...

Lovely poems. The imagery is amazing, which isn't surprising,since descriptions are obviously your forte.

My favorite is the Ouroboros Ends, though. That could be just because I like the idea of infinity. hehe

Rebecca said...

All of them great poems keep up teh good work, oh fellow inker!

AmberInGlass said...

Man, I love hearing that, Carrie, thank you. I've always felt like descriptions are my biggest problem and worry. I've secretely hoped that the characters were really my forte, but I'll take what I can get. :D

Thanks Rebecca, I'll try not to disappoint.

PrettySiren said...

Don't get me wrong, though. Your characters are great too! Descriptions are just generally harder for most people. And yours are really vivid.

AmberInGlass said...

Well thank you very much for saying so. I'm really glad that you enjoy them.