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Saturday, June 20, 2009

There's always something...

Ahh, Saturday in South Florida... the sky is a beautiful, pristine blue. The clouds like wisps of fresh cotton caught in the wind. Birds are chirping outside my window, and I just watched a young squirrel chewing on a macadamia nut not six feet away from my face.

So why am I so miserable?

It seems like lately I've been adding more and more to my to do list without really crossing anything off. Hopefully, you'll forgive my griping while I gather my thoughts.

So, over the last couple days I've been thinking. This blog really hasn't had any structure, I just checked it every day and posted when I felt like it. Well, I've decided that is going to change.
Starting Monday I'll be keeping a schedule. Tuesdays and Fridays will be original piece updates where I'll be posting up something new of my own work. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are going to be reserved for random news and rants and anything else not related to my writing work. I may not post something every single Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but I will promise regular updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I'm pretty new to this whole blogging community and I must say... wow. There are so many great blogs out there a lot more deserving than mine. I really am thrilled to be a part of this world and wonder how I went so long without knowing about it. I'd really like to start doing more with other bloggers.

This coming week I'll be having an extra special guest blogger and I'm really excited about the idea and opportunity. I guess this is my call for all the other bloggers out there. If anyone else would be interested in exchanging guest blogs or collaborating on something in the future please do not hesitate to let me know. I'm really all about the idea or working with other writers.

On another note, I'm going to try to stop being so web-dumb and look into spicing up the layout of this blog a bit in the future. More on that later.

Before I go, and completely unrelated to everything previously mentioned, I thought I'd leave you all with a little bit of an artistic challenge. This is pretty much only for all those gamers out there (I admit it, I'm guilty!) I recently purchased the Sims 3. Which is where my challenge comes in for all you writers out there. If you play the Sims, take one of your favorite characters from something you've written and recreate them in the digital Sims world. Try to only allow behaviours and activities that would be completely in character for her/him. I've been doing this with my self-proclaimed most complicated character ever, and thus far the game has really impressed me with it's ability to portray all the intricacies of her character.

Okay that's enough outta me. I have to pry myself away and go accomplish something. What are your plans for writing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

This is an inspiring post! Schedules, guestbloggers...

AmberInGlass said...

Thanks Jennifer, I'm glad you think so. Hopefully things will start getting more settled in around here starting next Monday. Thanks for coming by, and I hope to see you again.

Rebecca said...

heads up on the writing blog and the new contest. (I trust you'll like it.)

Love the post, it is very inspiring post. Keep it up!

AmberInGlass said...

Thanks Rebecca, you are right I do like the contest. I am really behind that idea, if nothing else maybe we can all start working together and creating an online support group. It has been a few years since I've been involved with a writer's group and I miss it terribly.